Accidental Death Plan

Accidents can happen. Are you prepared?

Accidents are among the leading causes of death in Canada, and an unexpected tragedy can leave you and your family without the financial resources to move on and cope following an accident. Accidental death & dismemberment insurance is among the cheapest personal insurance plans available, allowing full protection from a variety of accidental injuries and accidental death for just pennies per day.

Specialty Life's AD&D insurance plan offers full protection for a variety of debilitating conditions that can arise from accidents, as well as full coverage in the event your death occurs by accident. This plan requires no medical exam, no health questions, and offers additional benefits to help you and your family recover.

Under this policy, increases or decreases to your premiums may occur. Changes to the premiums will only be done if such change is made to all insured person's in the same class grouping. No insured individual will ever be singled out for a premiums rate change.

Key Benefits

Easy online application - receive your policy instantly.

Coverage up to $500,000.

30-Day No-Obligation Review period.

No Medical Exam, No Health Questions.