Final Expense Plan

Your state of health shouldn't stop you from getting the protection your family deserves. Whether you want to leave your family a last gift, or settling your affairs so they don't have to, a final expense plan can help you build a legacy that lasts. And unlike other funeral plans, you have the freedom to choose who, and how, your gift helps.

Our Final Expense Plan is offered directly to you as a life insurance plan with no medical exam, no questions, and no barriers between you and the protection you need. Simplicity is at the heart of everything we stand for, and getting your coverage under Specialty Life is fast, easy, and above all: guaranteed. If you're between the ages of 18 and 74, your acceptance is guaranteed from the day you apply, with no surprises waiting for your family.

With Specialty Life, you can apply for this plan today using our simple and easy application form. There, you may examine your plan details, select your coverage, and receive your policy instantly.


Key Benefits

Easy online application - receive your policy instantly.

Guaranteed Coverage to age 100.

30-Day No-Obligation Review period.

No Medical Exam, No Health Questions.